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Content Mangement Systems (CMS)
  Over the last years  the use of Content Management Systems (CMS)  for administering  the content of web sites is rapidly spreading. ExcelSoft after careful analysis and examination of these systems and exploitation of the relevant technology , proceeds in the use of these systems  as a tool  for developing feature rich web sites for its clients

   These systems  provide the following  advantages:

  • Easy and dynamic  presentation  of the contents of a Web Site. 
  • Contents are stored in a database which has as a result the effective searching of the site.
  • The support of contents is achieved in an easy and effective way from Web Site Administrator.
  • Design of the site follows standard prototypes ,world-wide accepted , which has as a result the effective use of global Search Engines  ( i.e Google ,Yahoo etc ).
  • Standard statistics  tools that co-operate with the CMS provide useful information to the Administrator  about the profile of visitors of various pages of the site.
  • The appearance of the site can change very easily using  ready templates , based on standard CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) template technology.
  • Plenty of third party plug-ins available in  the market  provide the possibility of easy operational enhancement of a site.
  • Low cost of development , support  and  evolvement of the site

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