Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

RIA Application Sample    Rich Internet Applications (RIA)  are spreading world-wide over , the last two years , due to the fact  that change dramatically the communication pattern between the user and the Internet. Operability and easiness , that up to now were missing from the web applications , are surpassed by RIA type ones ,  that seem to operate in a way simulating  the Windows applications running on our desktop.

   According to the Gartner Group , during 2008  there will be  many commercial projects appearing in the market , developed by this technology and until  2010 up to 60%  of the new web applications will be of RIA type. 

   ExcelSoft  keeps a close eye on these developments and   already  prepares some trial projects based on this technology , that offers a revolutionary way of  user - web commnication . Parts of ExcelSoft's  site will be redesigned progressively  using RIA technology.



Content Mangement Systems (CMS)
  Over the last years  the use of Content Management Systems (CMS)  for administering  the content of web sites is rapidly spreading. ExcelSoft after careful analysis and examination of these systems and exploitation of the relevant technology , proceeds in the use of these systems  as a tool  for developing feature rich web sites for its clients
Redesign of ExcelSoft's site


welcome_to_excelsoftlogo      Excelsoft  publishes its new enterprise site. The new company site aims to offer  complete and analytical  information regarding the projects , products and  services offered , as well as  its future plans of development. Various site pages provide informational material , analytical presentations and demos of company products and a list of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQS)  about their operation.


      Active customers supported by annual service contracts will have access to additional information articles and other material concerning their applications  and  they will be able to download all new versions the time they are released. They will also be able to ask questions to our support staff  through support forums and communicate with other users exchanging ideas about the product evolvement.



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