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        The rapid evolvement of Internet  and Broadband Techonology (ADSL )  over the last years , turned more and more enterprises to choose Internet as a means  of  their enterprise presentation. Many ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )  applications are redesigned in order to operate via  browsers such as Internet Explorer ,Forefox etc.  , offering  the possibility of access from all over the world , wherever there is Broadband Technology available.


         Enterprise customers and vendors  can have immediate access to all company facts , that are of interest to them , order and pay on-line ,  following all the stages of an order , and being informed about everything they want to know about the products and services of the enterprise ,without the need of communication over the phone.


         ExcelSoft based on its acquired Knowledge on the advanced platforms of Internet Application Development , and the methodologies of design and implementation , guarantees the succesfull implementation of composite enterprise sites , covering all the available  company processes and needs.


     Based on its many years  of experience  on implementation of Information Systems,  ExcelSoft  , offers consulting services with regard to Private and Public Sector  in Strategic Analysis , Design of Processes and Technology implementation.


     Our experienced Consultants  , cooperate with the clients  , aiming to initially  understand  their  needs  and strategic targets , followed by the Design and Application Solutions  that fullfill these needs. Consulting services  are necessary for the growth and competitiveness of a modern enterprise , in a rapidly evolving economic environment , where continuous changes in business processes and the immediate adaptation of new technology are vital.

     Our company offers the following services :

    * Requirements Analysis
    * Survey of Information and network systems development
    * Master Plans  regarding Impementation of Information Systems
    * Administration of Information System Projects
    * Reorganizing  Business Processes.