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ExcelSoft  is a company having 24 years of experience in implementing Information systems in vertical markets  such as Commercial , Media and Tourist Enterprises. Its products resulted from detailed research  and analysis of specialized needs of each Business Sector and adoption of latest Software Technology developments and trends.



      A  product concerns a standardized piece of software with clear and detailed requirements that provides the following advantages with reference to a client:

  • Enhanced operability resulting from detailed analysis of the target Business Sector.
  • A high degree of reliability and easy of use.
  • Analytical manuals  and On-line help availability
  • Parametrically defined operation in order to be able to fulfill Client's  special needs without alterations to the code.
  • Follow up from the vendor of the product , of all changes enforced by Goverment rules with regard to Taxation and Accounting.
  • New releases of the Software product in regular time periods , involving enhancement in requirements and ease of operation.
  • Low cost of purchase and support.
   Details on ExcelSoft's  products  is provided  in the relevant links.