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Global Travel is a software application aiming  in the Administration of  Front and Back-Office  needs of a Travel Agent and  Tour Operator. It runs under a Windows environment and it's  the evolvement of a previous  Dos - based application 'Tickets'  that was developed by ExcelSoft and appeared in the market in 1992. With lots of installations  all over Greece it's  a valuable tool for the Travel section professional , to administer  its Customers , Suppliers  and Accounting needs ,   based in a long-term  experience of our Company in the Travel Market.
For the enterprises that need  a General Legder application as well  , an appropriate application is  offered by our company. Apart from that ,  ExcelSoft has developed  various interrfaces , allowing  Global Travel  to communicate and exchange data  with other third-party vendors  of General Ledger applications. Also since most of the data needed by Global Travel  are already  entered by the users  in GDS systems (Global Distribution Systems ) such as  Sabre , Galileo , Amadeus and Worldspan ,   a number of other interfaces  have been developed for the above systems  allowing automatic transfer of entrance-data  to Global Travel.

       ExcelSoft was the first company in Greece together with B&A in Athens , to develop a GDS interface between  its Back-office application Tickets, and American Airlines GDS (Sabre) ,  as it appears  in the following quotation  of  SabreEuropa magazine  Vol4, No4  of 1983.

SABRE is pleased to announce two software houses , B&A Technology an ExcelSoft as third party back-office Management Information Systems (MIS) and accounting packages which now have a working interface from SABRE for Greek Travel agencies."