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   1984 - Foundation of  ExcelSoft , targeting the production of Business & Financial software applications for Enterprises ,as well as offering consulting services to specialised markets concerning information technology analysis and adoption.

    1985 - Development and support of software applications for mini computers for the ZANAE SA Food Industry.

   1986- Implementation of  a software Platform for Development , based on Dbase environment , and presentation of a Software Business application covering the Financial  & Payroll  needs of enterprises.

    1988 - Development o a specialised application suite for Textile Enterprises.

    1990 - Specialised Applications  for Media Enterprises , based on Omnis , which was one of the first Windows based application environments  running on an Apple Machintosh computer.

    1996 - Development of Global Travel , an applications suite targeting  the Travel Industry Sector.

    1997- Collaborating with  SABRE , an American GDS ( Global Distribution System ) provider  on implementing one of the first Interface systems between SABRE and our Global Travel Back-office system.

    2001 - Development of various Windows based Software applications for various Enterprises.

    2007 - Adoption of Net 2.0 environment for our software Development platform.
    2008 - Adoption of Rich internet application techniques for the new generation ofi nternet enabled software  projects.