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Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

RIA Application Sample    Rich Internet Applications (RIA)  are spreading world-wide over , the last two years , due to the fact  that change dramatically the communication pattern between the user and the Internet. Operability and easiness , that up to now were missing from the web applications , are surpassed by RIA type ones ,  that seem to operate in a way simulating  the Windows applications running on our desktop.

   According to the Gartner Group , during 2008  there will be  many commercial projects appearing in the market , developed by this technology and until  2010 up to 60%  of the new web applications will be of RIA type. 

   ExcelSoft  keeps a close eye on these developments and   already  prepares some trial projects based on this technology , that offers a revolutionary way of  user - web commnication . Parts of ExcelSoft's  site will be redesigned progressively  using RIA technology.




  Sample of sites  created using RIA Technology

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